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The story of our product

Vores historie

With the urn net you will have the option of an individualized farewell.

The urn net is created by a couple living in the western part of Jutland, the purpose being to purvey a more moving and dignified atmosphere to the lowering of the urn.

It was important for us to create a handmade, safe product made of natural materials, a product giving you the possibility to lower the urn in a loving and dignified way. Thus, you will be able to give the departed a beautiful end of life, and as a relative you will always have good memories of the day.

You may yourself carry out the lowering of the urn surrounded by your beloved ones. Two persons may lower the urn in the grave, each holding a handle.

With an urn net, the urn may be decorated with flowers from your garden or from your florist.

A personal letter or a drawing from you or from your beloved ones may be attached to the net. Together, you will thus say farewell in a dignified way which you will always remember.

It is important to make the day of the lowering of the urn as dignified and moving as possible so that the last feelings may be expressed in the best possible way. This the urn net will ensure.

A dignified farewell

With a hand braided urn net, the dignified atmosphere from the ceremony in the church may be continued at the lowering of the urn.